20)  July 28~30th 2014 Attended the 2014 Kuo Symposium on 3D Cryo-EM Molecular Imaging in Shanghai and gave a talk about the modular organization of the Mediator complex.

19)  July 3rd 2014: Welcome an enthusiastic Ph.D. student -Xuan Zhang to join the lab. He will lead the project elucidating the molecular mechanism of chromatin remodeling during DNA damage repair.

18)  July 3rd2014: Our paper “Redefining the Modular Organization of the Core Mediator Complex” was published on Cell Research as a cover story.

Highlighted by Prof. Dylan J Taatjes (Mediator redefines itself, Cell Res 24: 775-776).

17)  May 6th 2014: Platform presentation “Redefining the Modular Organization of the Core Mediator Complex” at Cold Spring Harbor Asian Meeting – Epigenetics, Chromatin & Transcription, Suzhou.

16) Apr 12th 2014: Spring Outing at the Wuhu Fangte Happy World.

15) Jan 2014: Mengjuan Lv completed her Master degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and graduated from the USTC.

14) Dec 2013: Our paper about the Mediator Cdk8 kinase module was published on Protein Cell and selected as a cover story.

13) Jul ~Dec 2013: Shan Zhou from the School of the Gifted Young (SGY) of the USTC received cryo-EM reconstruction training in our lab. He acquired a couple of offers for PhD study and decided to join the Georgia Institute of Technology.

12) Sep 2012~Jul 2013: Baixue Yao from the School of Life Sciences of the USTC accomplished her undergraduate thesis in our lab, which was awarded “Excellent Graduation Thesis” of the USTC (top 10% students). She was going to join the University of Chicago for PhD study.

11) June 23-28 2013:  Attending the 2013 Gordon Research Conference on Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH, USA.

10) Jun 2nd 2013: Qianqian Sun presented -”Structural and Functional Studies of Chromatin Modifying Complex Catalyzes Histone H3 Modification” at the Annual Graduate Symposium of the school, who was the only first year graduate student to give a platform presentation.

9) May 2013: We were invited to join the Center for Biomedical Engineering, USTC and moved our computation resources and non-coding RNA wet lab into the newly established center.

8) Apr 2013:  Xuejuan Wang was promoted to “Assistant Research Scientist”.

7)  Sep 7-12 2012: We organized the 5th K.H.Kuo Workshop/International Symposium on CryoEM at the USTC and Huangshan Mountain. Our Swi/Snf structure was selected for the cover of the symposium handbook (http://cryoem.csp.escience.cn/)

6) Jul 2012: Gang Cai was honored by the National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars.

5) Apr 2011: Thanks to the generous start-up packages from the USTC and Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale, our lab started to be fully functional.
4) Dec 30th 2010: The official launch of the Center for Integrative Imaging, the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale.
3) Nov 24th 2010: We moved the whole family to Hefei and took the position as a junior faculty in the USTC.

2) May 19th 2010: Platform presentation “EM studies of eukaryotic transcription complexes—Structural insights into regulation of transcription initiation” at Cold Spring Harbor Asian Meeting – Epigenetics, Chromatin & Transcription, Suzhou.

1)  Aug 25th 2009: Platform presentation “Single Particle Electron Microscopy Analysis of Mediator Structure” at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting – Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Transcription, New York.